Inspected by Ministry of Education : BSID #882297

Inspected by Ministry of Education : BSID #882297

Ontario Virtual High School

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Virtual high school is a really good option to complete OSSD credits that will help students to enroll in their desired university or college. Ontario has many options for providing virtual schooling or home-schooling to students. However, QW school is renowned for providing online high schools with OSSD credits to students in Ontario, Canada. We provide high school courses virtually to teenagers at an economical cost. Our teachers, administrators, and guidance staff are extremely supportive in ensuring all students receive the best educational experience possible in online teaching.

Our advisory office works hard to ensure that all learners are given the support, resources, and focused assistance required to excel academically. At QW School, we believe in imparting unique educational experiences to make our students deeply happy, successful, and fulfilled in the foreseeable future. Keeping this aspect in mind, Ontario virtual high school takes education to a next level by restructuring the traditional academic school years for Grade 9th to Grade 12th. Moreover, courses offered in high school will help students to attain credits for universities and colleges. We are expanding our presence during the COVID-19 pandemic as a 100% virtual high school and flexible for students.

Benefits of Virtual High School

  • Teachers at online virtual school are Ontario certified teachers.
  • Courses are affordable with no hidden or extra charges.
  • Timings are flexible. (Classes for weekends can be scheduled on-demand)
  • Students can also choose for slow or Self paced learning.
  • Better learning will result in better grades and understanding of the concepts.

In spite of this, QW School also offers easy and continuous enrollment options. Students can sign-up and start studying anytime. They can complete course within the span of 4 weeks to 12 months at their own pace. Although online courses at high school Brampton maintain same academic requirements but students at times feel less challenged. This is a phenomenal advantage of Online Education.

Virtual School is Leading Path

With this expansion our learning plan, cover in great depth all the curriculum requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education. It includes an emphasis on the following:

  • The academic basics, such as mental math, memorization of multiplication tables, grammar, spelling, vocabulary building, oral reading, etc.
  • The advanced personal skills and self-knowledge needed to make a difference in this world, such as self-discipline, accountability, time management, project management, group and team leadership building, and a strong ability to self-reflect.
  • The advanced communication skills needed to succeed at university, work, and beyond, such as essay writing, presenting and public speaking, and the effective and persuasive use of advanced communication tools including power point and other digital media.

But most importantly, teaches children the skills, attributes. Apparently, most importantly, the ownership of learning which will allow children to learn beyond their boundaries. This orientation to learning stands them in good stead now, in high school, in University and into life beyond university.