Inspected by Ministry of Education : BSID #882297

Inspected by Ministry of Education : BSID #882297

High School Admissions Open for Summer Session 2021

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High school is about getting an education to build a foundation for a good college, thereafter, succeed in life.  So, your search for a collegiate institute aka école secondaire aka high school in Brampton ends here. Queenswood school was founded in 2006 with a vision to forge a promising future. You can enroll your child for either short-term or long-term sessions. Considerably, the school offers you from grade one to grade 12th level education. Moreover, if English is your second language, the school provides ESL courses. To register, check out the official website QW School Brampton.

We all know the drill! Why QW is different. Ever since restrictions on mobility have been imposed. We facilitated different approaches to learning to make our curriculum compatible with the post-pandemic needs. The first step towards the same goal was enabling a hybrid remote work model. We are now among the recognized list in Ontario Online High School.

High School Virtual Learning in the Pandemic

The fear of COVID-19 has not yet left our hearts. But, we cannot afford to put education on hold any longer. It is time to embrace change and adapt to the prerequisites of the post-pandemic world. Yes, we do realize the gravity of the situation. This is why, Queenswood is one of the best Ontario virtual schools. We are introducing you to a hybrid remote working model which proffers a strategic approach to present an experience akin to in-person learning.


What to expect in our online classes?

  • Instructions will be face-to-face in real time
  • Optimum teacher interface on a more individualized tier
  • Various modes of interaction to hold debates, discussions, and examination
  • Achieve school credits from anywhere without any traditional barriers and boundaries
  • Synced in schedule with comprehensive course outline
  • You can get access to an educator as a parent or as a student
  • You can record the online class to review any lecture and learn at your pace

The list of benefits goes on. For parents, it is manageable to navigate their child’s academic performance at school. Our staff is trained, qualified, and equipped with all the necessary technology to deliver the course lectures. Often students are confused about the working of online classes. The school administration takes them through enrollment procedures and helps them to adapt.

Hey, have you skipped a semester?

Hence, do not sit ideal. You can enroll here to earn extra credit scores. If you lack a credit score to switch subjects. Time to rectify your score sheet. Queenswood welcomes you with open arms. If you are a foreign national then you can get enrolled in full-time online learning classes. Moreover, the courses are available with inexpensive prices. We have designed an inclusive online high school in Canada that caters to everyone’s demands. We try to embrace every student irrespective of their age and social background. Therefore, our school welcomes people from different backgrounds for GED tests.

Do not let the learning stop when you leave the classroom. Among many variable imperatives, this is your steady option to secure worthy school credits. The school sessions have modified curriculums as per province board guidelines. Enrollment commences for the upcoming sessions in September 2021. We offer various courses from elementary to high school graduation. Therefore, this fall enlist your child at Queenswood Brampton. Contact the administration via calls and mail for more support.