Inspected by Ministry of Education : BSID #882297

Inspected by Ministry of Education : BSID #882297

Information and Communication Technology in Business BTT1O

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9th Grade
In-Person, Online
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With the extensive use of electronic gadgets, a range of IT tools are providing new platforms to communicate and business. Therefore, IT is playing significant role in businesses emergence. Hence, Information and communication technology in Business (BTT1O) course will develop students to understand how businesses working over globe.

Businesses such as Walmart, Amazon, is operating in different parts of world. Students who are curios in understanding how these businesses work and sync in various countries. Moreover, they can know about their success stories and business operations.

Course Introduction:

It is an open course for Grade 9 students to define the concepts of IT in business world. Additionally, prerequisite for grade 9 is none, that is there are no boundaries for enrolling students.  BTT1O course introduces students to develop skills necessary for success in a technologically driven society. It will include Students will develop word processing, spreadsheet, database, desktop publishing, presentation software, and website design skills. Throughout the course, there is an emphasis on digital literacy, effective electronic research and communication skills, and current issues related to the impact of information and communication technology.


A gateway into any profession and one of most important positions in an Organization


Course structure and modules

The strands in the Information and Communication Technology in Business course are:

  • Digital Literacy
  • Productivity Software
  • Design Software
  • Business Communications
  • Ethics and Issues in Information and Communication Technology