Inspected by Ministry of Education : BSID #882297

Inspected by Ministry of Education : BSID #882297

Individual and Family Living

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10th Grade
In-Person, Online
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Individual and Family Living HIF2O course explores the challenges faced by all people: how to meet basic needs, how to relate to others, how to manage resources, and how to become responsible members of society. Students will acquire knowledge and skills that are needed to make the transition to adulthood. Teachers will instruct students in developing interpersonal, decision-making, and practical skills related to daily life. Students will explore the functioning of families and the diversities found among families and within society.


HIF2O course could be a gateway to enroll into any desired university or college.

Course structure and modules

The strands for Individual and Family living are:

  • Research and Inquiry Skills
    • Exploring skills
    • Investigating skills
    • Processing information skills
    • Communicating and reflecting skills
  • Self and others
    • Adolescent Development
    • Relating to Others
    • Family Lifestyles
  • Daily Living Skills
    • Decision Making and Problem Solving
    • Managing Resources
    • Practical Skills
  • Exercising Responsibility
    • Personal Responsibilities
    • Family Responsibilities
    • Consumer Awareness