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9th Grade
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Geography term is representing a specific place and determining the environment as well as how human are interacting with natural environment. Geography of Canada (CGC1D) course is structured to draw geographical changes occurring over the passage of time. As many factors are modifying ecosystem as well as weather conditions. In this course, students will understand Canada’s geographic system, changing character, and relationships that shape it. Moreover, they will investigate the interactions of natural and human systems within Canada, as well as Canada’s economic, cultural, and environmental connections to other countries.

The idea to choose CGC1D course will help in recognizing and utilizing Geo-technologies, communication methods for analyzing and evaluating geographic issues, and present their findings. It will keep youngsters close to environment and respect the mother nature.


A gateway into any profession and one of most important positions in an Organization


Course structure and modules

The strands in the Geography of Canada course are:

  • Geographic Inquiry and Skill Development
  • Interactions in the Physical Environment
  • Managing Canada’s Resources and Industries
  • Changing Populations
  • Liveable Communities